Draw from our experience


Any artist will tell you: it's not enough to just be able to draw. Composition, colour theory, perspective, light - there are so many elements to co-ordinate before you even pick up a brush.

The real skill comes in pulling the various elements together to create something truly unique, and it's exactly the same process with any large scale market research project. For us at CanvasU, it's all about our ability to provide you with access to the best tools and research techniques, and a team with the experience to most efficiently utilise those resources. For you it means a better service at a better price.


We get the picture

At CanvasU, Project Management really is our thing. Our senior staff have decades of invaluable experience with large-scale market research endeavours: we know what works and we've seen what can go wrong.


Draw on the specialist skills of our team of seasoned industry professionals to bring years of real-world experience to bear on your next research project. Even if your project is being conducted through a third-party agency, we'll have a Project Manager to work with you and with whoever else we need to in order to generate the data outputs you need.

The right tools to get your data in perspective


With our in-house on-line survey services, onsite CATI facilities and teams of skilled interviewers, CanvasU have the capacity to accomodate anything from a B2B panel study to large-scale national retail tracking projects. Your Project Manager will work with you to develop the most efficient collection techniques for your particular brief.

From the budgeting and quotation stage, we'll offer our own insights into your suggested methodology, take the opportunity to present new approaches and alternatives, and source all necessary documentation and samples.

Our specialists will co-ordinate and deliver what's required to bring your project home: from the initial consultation and quote co-ordination, through to script testing, survey progress reporting, issues resolution and a comprehensive data and coding review.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Vincent Van Gogh


We get the picture