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A new perspective on connecting with your customers 

Our Online survey delivery options are as varied and as flexible as your customers' lifestyles. Whether it's targeting via computer, mobile phone or tablet, an SMS campaign or a purpose-built app on a tablet, CanvasU have got you covered. Whatever the platform, our surveys are constructed as an engaging experience for our respondents because online research is much more than just generating numbers. 

CanvasU does not run our own proprietary panel, but instead relies on our relationships with over 10 Panel Suppliers both in Australia and overseas. We select the most appropriate panel or panels depending on your project requirements.


Our long term relationships with these suppliers, and the exacting specifications we provide, guarantees the right price for the right respondent you require.


We offer in-house online programming services for all research questionnaires regardless of complexity. 

Fine detail or a broader brushstroke?

Our experience in the preparation of the questionnaire prior to scripting, exhaustive pre-launch checking and pilot testing ensures an accurate and user friendly survey is delivered to the respondents every time.


The result? Better quality data and a better portrait of your customer.

We get the picture.

Choose from a deeper palette of options

Our online services are underpinned by what experience has taught us: online research demands more than just a standard online access panel. Whether you're running a narrow-cast B2B survey or a large-scale retail tracking project, CanvasU will work with you to match your objectives with the most efficient ways of reaching the respondents you need to get to.


When using panels all qualification pre-requisites are rigidly adhered to and used in the validation of our sample requirements. The ongoing quality and veracity of the respondent pool is our bread and butter and we take the maintenance of this key resource very seriously. 


Deeper engagement leads to a more refined understanding of your customer. Targeting specific online behaviours, CanvasU leverages our supplier relationships, allowing you access to thousands of diverse communities and the opportunity to draw traffic from them. 

Data outputs

Data outputs can be created to suit most client expectations. Standard output options include, but are not limited to SPSS, Q Ready SPSS files, or Excel tables. Requests for data output in alternative formats will be accommodated where possible.

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Without data you're just another person with an opinion. W. Edwards Deming



We get the picture

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