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CanvasU design, develop and manage market research projects on bespoke mobile app platforms. Our mobile apps can be utilised as a stand-alone research or diary tool, or as a strategic add-on to other CanvasU services such as our CATI, Face to Face interviewing and online surveys.

We're not mobile app developers.
We're market researchers who sometimes use mobile apps.

It’s an important distinction to make: the relative ease of developing an app and near-saturation levels of smartphone ownership in Australia has seen the market for app developers becoming quite the crowded dancefloor. 

At CanvasU we didn’t go into this to make apps but we’re developing more and more of them in conjunction with our technology partner, Agregar. Mobile apps are an increasingly effective extension of our core services -  managing complex market research projects. 


It all comes back to CanvasU’s strategy of delivering your research project in the most professional, timely, cost-effective and quality-focused manner. 


Our mobile apps can be programmed for multiple

research objectives including 


  • Consumption diaries 

  • Time use diaries

  • Product tests

  • Home usage tests

  • Travel and movement

  • Shelf placement, price checking, marketing support

Flexible in scale, unlimited in scope

Designed to reduce respondent burden, our mobile apps are easy to use and provide real-time access to respondents at identifiable, critical points of their interaction with whatever it is you want to measure, test or document.  With the ability to code an app that exploits the built-in features of your respondents’ phone or device, your data can also be enriched with photos, videos, GPS locators, QR scanners and more.

The speed of access, the pace of the technology, the immediacy of data transfer: a CanvasU mobile app is like having a Formula 1 pit crew on your research team. Buckle up while we put some serious grunt into your data collection.


Typical features of our mobile apps are:


  • Time and date stamps

  • Location information

  • Full questionnaire capability

  • Comprehensive question types – ratings scales, multiple response, open ended questions, drop down code frames, etc

  • Uploading of photos, videos and sound files

  • Personalisation of the users’ experience 

  • Push notifications and instant updates

  • Branding and design elements

  • Easy user access - downloadable via Google Playstore and Apple Store.

  • Live portal reporting of results.

The bottom line

Data delivery in real-time means in-the-moment responses and immediate reactions to your questions or prompts. Aside from the clarity of response this immediacy encourages, it means very real savings in project time, labour costs and all levels of efficiencies for you. 

Ask us about the numbers and you’ll want to hear more. 


Process Management

Right from the outset, the success of any mobile app research project is directly exponential to the management processes driving it. It’s not about buzzwords and funky graphics.


While Agregar look after the coding and the look and feel of your app, CanvasU’s proven management process drives your research project from ‘the paddock to the plate’: a comprehensive management process that ensures a smooth ride for you and your users. 


With multiple complex research projects already delivered via mobile apps, CanvasU have refined a three-pronged management process that underpins our continued success in cross-platform market research. Managing your project from your initial brief to the delivery of data, CanvasU’s proven approach not only makes the whole thing a lot easier for you - it will mean palpable reductions in your recruitment, logistics and data collection costs.


It makes a compelling story.

  • Finding and rewarding respondents
  • Client lists 
  • Panels
  • Inhouse recruitment
  • Handling and delivery of product and materials
  • App disemination
  • User registration 

  • App entry
  • Messaging
  • Reminders
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Programming

Data outputs can be created to suit most client expectations. Standard output options include, but are not limited to SPSS, Q Ready SPSS files, or Excel tables. Requests for data output in alternative formats will be accommodated where possible.

Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it is convenient for you. Cyndie Shaffstall



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